Wise Guides EA Review

Complete Analysis of Wise Guides EA Exam Review Course & Study Materials

wise-guides-ea-reviewWiseGuides has been preparing finance professionals for various certifications for over 2 decades. They’ve taken all of their test prep experience and developed one of the most interesting EA exam study courses on the market today.

The WiseGuides EA review course is designed to help students pass all of the exam segments once and for all. They include study text, practice questions, and a ton of other study tools that you might find helpful while studying for the enrolled agent exam.

Unlike other courses that are full of the most trendy study features, WiseGuides sticks to what has worked for their students over the past two decades.

Let’s check out the WiseGuides EA exam study materials and review their features to see if this is the best Enrolled Agent study guide for you.

Course Overview

WiseGuide tries to be everything to everyone with different learning styles. They approach the delivery of their content from different perspective, hoping to help candidates, irrespective of their learning style, get ready for the EA exams. The result of this is that they are a master of none. Though, they do try their best with their various offerings.

According to them, they provide affordable solutions without taking the quality of education away. This is evident in their approach to pricing their course packages. The team behind the WiseGuide exam prep course consist of CPAs and Enrolled Agents that work hard to make sure the content they deliver is up to date. Their course offering is thorough.

They provide candidates with a myriad of resources and features. The resources range from the 3000 practice questions, unlimited practice exams, feedback explanations, questions divided per topic, amongst others.

One major advantage of the course, however, is the incredible support the staff offers the candidates. Beyond all the explanations done in the course, if you still need help, there is always someone ready to cater to your needs.

Like most EA review courses out there, the WiseGuide prep content outline enjoys the support of an adaptive learning technology. Though, their technology is old fashioned. The administration of the platform needs to upgrade the software.

Also, they offer discounts and price cuts per time. You can be lucky to purchase their resources when they sell at lower price.

WiseGuide may not be to the level that some other EA exam study guides are, but it surely gets some things right.

Unique Characteristics

One of the things they try to do differently is the pricing of their courses. There are five price points you can work with. There is the complete course bundle that sells for $599.95. With this, you get access to the full arsenal of resources and features they have to offer.

Unlike several other courses where there are levels to the content quality you get. With WseGuides, everything is laid bare with their sole course offering. With this single complete package, you get access to resources for all the parts. You also get to access about 3000 practice questions. You get to work with an unlimited number of practice exams. The platform also provides you with study planning features, and unlimited access to the course till you pass.

There is then the breakdown packages. Since there are three parts in the EA exams, you can purchase resources for a single part. Each of these parts comes at $199.95. With the first part, you get access to 1400 practice questions. In the second part, the practice questions total 1100. The third part has only 500 practice questions for you.

They all come with unlimited sample practice exams, feedback explanations, amongst other resources you get from the single complete course package.

The fifth price offering comes at $124. This major different in this course is that you get access to everything, for 90 days. The 90 days access period is as against the unlimited access with the other packages. Also, there aren’t practice questions in this package.

All these offerings are designed to work best with people of different learning styles. Also, with the WiseGuide course, time is of the essence. In fact, they design tools to help you make the most of time. Dedicating the required time for whatever price package you purchase guarantees your success in the exam.

Course Features

Now that you have an overview of the course layout, let’s check out the WiseGuides EA study guide features to see which ones match  your learning style.

User Interface and Course Software

Software and interface are the two main downsides of the WiseGuide EA review course. These elements of their offering needs a total revamp and upgrade. The state of the interface and software is probably why they are able to keep their offerings’ prices relatively low.

The interface may not be alluring, but it sure is functional. You can get things done immediately. To some users, this is enough.

WiseGuide has a terrible use of color. The page elements are shrouded in bright colors, with other elements that contribute to an overall distraction every usage session.

The software also needs to be upgraded to the current industry standard.

Lecture Videos

The WiseGuide EA review course features instructor-led videos. If you are one that loves watching videos for study, this is not the best course for you.

Though, if you consider the price point, it’s worth the money. There is also a money back guarantee. Hence, in the real sense of it, you have nothing to lose.

Practice Exams and Questions

There are over 3000 practice questions split among the different topics of the course. Also, you get access to an unlimited array of practice exams. Either you go for the printed textbook, or for the eLessons, you’ll work with the same practice questions.

The WiseGuide EA review course features outdated technology. Hence, you shouldn’t expect the seamless syncing and adaptive learning that comes with newer technologies from other websites. The technology is only good enough for basic course experience.

Course Analytics and Tracking

The WiseGuide EA review course does not feature the excellent tracking and analytics you’ll expect from professional review courses today.

Their technology is outdated. If you want a platform that does the job of monitoring your progress and customizing your experience based on data, this is not it.

Study Materials

In the WiseGuide EA review course, you get the basic study resources either in print version or the online version. These materials are adequately supported by ample practice questions and exams.

When you are diligent with the study materials, you have a high chance of excelling in the EA exam.


With WiseGuide, flashcards are a big deal. They have over 1600 flashcards you can easily access. They don’t offer print flashcards. The electronic flashcards are always there whenever you need them.

The cards can help with how well you retain definitions, concepts amongst other information they contain.

Access Limits

The access limit you get depends on the package you purchase. There are the packages that offer unlimited access, while you can purchase the 90-days only package.


Support is not one of their strong suits either. Getting responses to queries will certainly take time.

Who is Wise Guides EA Review Right For?

This is the course to take if you just want a put-together course that comes at the cheapest price possible.