Where to Send your Transcripts for the CPA Exam?

Navigating the College Transcript Submission Process for the CPA Exam

where-to-send-your-cpa-transcriptsOne of the first things you need to do to qualify for the CPA exam is complete the education requirements and send your transcripts in to get verified. This crucial step in the CPA exam process can be confusing if you’ve never submitted your academic transcripts to another institution.

Your transcripts play a pivotal role in verifying your educational qualifications, ensuring you meet the specific requirements to sit for the CPA Exam.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through the details of where and how to send your transcripts for the CPA Exam.

Understanding the Importance of College Transcripts

Transcripts are official records of your academic history, showcasing courses taken, grades received, and degrees conferred. They serve as a testament to your dedication and capability to handle the rigorous demands of the CPA Exam.

Ensuring that these documents are correctly submitted is paramount for a smooth application process.

Steps to Submit Your College Transcripts for the CPA Exam

Identifying the Right Recipient

National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA): Most states in the U.S. require candidates to submit their transcripts directly to NASBA for evaluation. NASBA plays a crucial role in the CPA licensure process, working closely with state boards to verify that candidates meet the educational requirements.

Your Specific State Board of Accountancy: Some states prefer or require that transcripts be sent directly to them. It’s imperative to check the specific requirements of your state board, as each has its unique procedures and guidelines.

States that Process CPA Exam Transcripts Through NASBA & State Boards

State/JurisdictionLicense processed through NASBALicense processed through the State Board
District of ColumbiaNo
New HampshireYes
New JerseyNo
New MexicoNo
New YorkNo
North DakotaYes
Puerto RicoYes
Rhode IslandNo
South CarolinaNo
South DakotaYes
Virgin IslandsNo – Through NASBA
West VirginiaYes

Preparing Your Academic Transcripts

Request Official Transcripts: Contact all the educational institutions you’ve attended and request official transcripts. Ensure they are sealed and have not been tampered with, as this maintains their validity.

Include All Relevant Information: When sending your transcripts, make sure that all necessary information is included. This may comprise your full name, contact information, and your NASBA CPA Candidate ID number if required.

Double-Check Coursework: Before sending off your transcripts, review them to ensure that they reflect all the accounting and business courses required by your state board.

Send in Your College Transcripts

Electronic Submission: If your school offers electronic transcript submission and your state board or NASBA accepts them, this could be a fast and secure method to send your documents.

Mail: If electronic submission is not an option, or you prefer sending physical copies, ensure that the transcripts are mailed directly from the educational institution to the state board or NASBA.

Follow Up: After sending your transcripts, it’s a wise idea to follow up to ensure they have been received and everything is in order.

Navigating International Transcripts for the CPA Exam

Evaluation of Foreign Credentials: If you’ve obtained your degree outside of the United States, you’ll need to have your credentials evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation service that is accepted by your state board.

Translation Services: If your transcripts are not in English, you may also need to seek translation services from a reputable provider.

Which States Outsource to NASBA and Which Process the Applications Themselves?

When it comes to the CPA licensure process, a significant distinction emerges regarding how different states handle the application procedure. Specifically, some states choose to outsource this process to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), while others opt to manage it independently.

Understanding this difference can streamline your application process, ensuring you send your details to the right entity.

States Outsourcing to NASBA

NASBA serves as an intermediary for several states, providing various services ranging from processing initial applications for the Uniform CPA Exam to evaluating educational credentials. States that have chosen to outsource to NASBA usually do so to leverage the association’s robust infrastructure, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined application process for candidates.

Examples of states that have outsourced certain aspects of the application process to NASBA include, but aren’t limited to, Alabama, Colorado, Montana, and Tennessee. These states rely on NASBA’s National Candidate Database and other tools to facilitate the CPA exam application process.

States Processing Independently

On the other hand, some states prefer a more hands-on approach, choosing to manage the CPA exam application process independently. These states typically have their in-house systems and protocols for handling applications, exam scheduling, and educational credential evaluations.

Examples of such states include California, Florida, and New York. In these states, the State Board of Accountancy takes the helm, directly engaging with aspiring CPAs throughout their licensure journey.

What Should I Do Once my Transcripts are Accepted?

First and foremost, congratulations! Having your transcripts accepted is a significant step forward in your journey to becoming a CPA. Here’s a succinct guide on the next steps.

Review Confirmation Details: Once your transcripts are accepted, you’ll likely receive a confirmation letter or email. Carefully review this communication, ensuring all details are correct and noting any specific instructions or timelines.

Apply for the CPA Exam: With your transcripts approved, you’re now eligible to apply for the Uniform CPA Examination. Head to the appropriate platform—whether it’s your state board’s website or a portal managed by NASBA—and submit your application. There may be a fee involved, so be prepared.

Study and Prepare: While waiting for your Notice to Schedule (NTS), it’s prime time to dive deep into your CPA review courses. Draft a study schedule, focusing on areas where you need the most reinforcement.

Schedule Your Exam: Once you receive your NTS, promptly schedule your exam date through the Prometric website. Dates can fill up quickly, especially during popular testing windows.

Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your email and mailbox for any further communications from your state board or NASBA. Staying informed ensures a smooth path to your CPA designation.

Remember, each step you take brings you closer to your goal. Stay diligent, informed, and focused. Your CPA journey is well underway!


Successfully submitting your transcripts for the CPA Exam marks a significant milestone in your CPA journey. By understanding where to send your transcripts, ensuring they are official, and following up on their receipt, you place yourself in a strong position to navigate the rest of the CPA Exam application process smoothly.

Remember, attention to detail and proactivity are your best allies in ensuring that this step of the process is completed without a hitch. Welcome to the exciting world of becoming a CPA – your future in accounting starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send photocopies of my transcripts for the CPA Exam application?

No, you must send official transcripts directly from your educational institution. Photocopies are not considered valid for the CPA Exam application.

What should I do if my transcripts are not in English?

You will need to obtain a certified translation of your transcripts. Make sure to use a translation service that is accepted by your specific state board of accountancy.

How do I know if my state board requires transcripts to be sent to NASBA or directly to them?

You should visit the official website of your specific state board of accountancy. They will provide detailed instructions on where to send your transcripts based on their requirements.

Can I expedite the transcript evaluation process for the CPA Exam application?

The evaluation process depends on the specific procedures of NASBA or your state board. While you cannot expedite the evaluation process, ensuring that all your documents are complete and correctly submitted can help avoid delays.