Surgent EA Review

Thorough Guide to Surgent EA Review Course & Exam Study Materials

surgent-ea-reviewSurgent EA review course is one of the most popular enrolled agent exam prep courses because of its adaptive approach. Many other companies have tried to copy this tech, but Surgent has the best technologically-enabled study tools out of any study guide for the enrolled agent exam.

The EA exam is critical to your career progress. Owing to how critical the exam is, you shouldn’t just take any course – you need the right course. Surgent has a wealth of experience in helping candidates prepare for the EA exam. The company works to ensure the highest possible learning standard for their candidates.

Let’s dive into a complete Surgent EA exam review course overview, so you can see the features and decide if this is the right enrolled agent exam study guide for you.

Course Overview

As a student looking to excel and become an Enrolled Agent, this is the prerequisite exam to take, and this is the perfect course for you. The course is known for being costly. However, compared to the quality and quantity of materials they provide, the packages are extreme values for the money.

The course provides immense value when compared to the amount it is sold for. Though, they also have the premium version that gives you the perfect experience when you pay some more.

The course resources range from videos to texts, practice questions amongst other features. Surgent’s practice questions are designed to be as technical as possible. Hence, preparing your for whatever the exam will present. The practice questions also feature past questions for a better insight into the mind of the examiners.

Surgent is great on technology, which makes it the company with arguably the most advanced adaptive learning technology software.

The combination of this technology with the array of resources and materials the company provides gives students the perfect learning experience. Once you can through everything the course provides, you have a higher chance of passing the EA exam.

Surgent has a course package for everyone. There are Surgent EA review course packages that are meant for those after self-study. When the self-study student’s motivation is peered with the adaptive learning technology from surgent, nothing can stop such student.

Surgent’s EA review course is designed to ensure efficiency, irrespective of your preferred study style. From the basic course package to the “Ultimate Pass” package, Surgent is the platform that has cracked learning at all comprehension levels.

Unique Characteristics

Surgent is known for a number of things; technology, efficiency and pricing. Over the years, Surgent has perfected the software that underlines its EA exam study platform. Improvements on the software also happens regularly.

The continuous update of the adaptive learning technology from Surgent places it at the cutting edge of new capabilities for software. With the help of the technology, Surgent boasts of a 96% pass rate for its students.

The efficiency the software breeds is second to none in the industry. No matter how tight your schedule is, religiously follow through with the Surgent EA puts you in a better position to pass the EA exam, with each passing day. The ability to ensure the highest level of efficiency has seen the average study hours required to complete the Surgent resources fall down to 46.8 hours.

Despite the fact the Surgent gets frequent course content update, it’s not overwhelming. The materials are always up to date, without you incurring any extra cost.

The basic pricing of Surgent’s EA course comes with loads of resources, compared to other courses at similar price level. The Surgent EA review essentials pass costs $499. The package comes with the full bundle course, the A.S.A.P technology, over 1800 multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions comes with full text answers.

The course content also gets updated per time. Also, you get access to unlimited practice exams. The course also uses what it calls “ReadyScore” to help determine when you are ready to take the actual exam.

Accessibility is another high point of the course. Either you are using mobile, desktop or tablet, the course content is there to explore.

Unlike most other courses with the basic packages only offering your 12 month access, with the Surgent EA review course, you get 18 months of course access.

The second package, EA review Premier Pass, costs $699. This package comes with few videos, 25 in total. Videos are the weakness of the Surgent EA course. This exclusion of video from the course materials is to ensure that the study time is drastically reduced.

In addition to everything the basic package offers, and the video, you get unlimited access to the course at this price point. The Premier Pass package also provides you with digital textbooks.

The EA review Ultimate Pass course is sold for $999. It’s the best of the three. Alongside everything you get with the Premier Pass package, you get printed textbooks and flashcards.

They also provide you with personalized coaching sessions. You get audio lectures and active customer support. They also provide you with on-demand certification courses.

Course Features

Now let’s check out some key features included in the Surgent EA study course to see if these study materials match your learning style.

Surgent Adaptive Course Software

Surgent has a friendly website that you can navigate easily. They also field their A.S.A.P adaptive learning technology, which has proven to help student study better and efficiently. The software makes it possible for Surgent to learn of their students’ strengths and weaknesses.

The data the adaptive learning software gathers is then used to create a personalized study plan for each student. The personalization of study plan helps students cut down on hours needed to study.

Video Lectures

The Surgent EA review course provides you with resources you need. Though, you only get videos with the premier pass and ultimate pass packages. The number of videos is also considerably low. The course videos are on high quality.

Practice Exams and Questions

There are over 1800 multiple choice questions to work with. Also, you get access to unlimited test practices. These questions and practice tests help you get ready for the exam.

With the provision of answers to the practice test questions, you can easily understand the topic and concept behind each question.

Course Analytics and Tracking

The A.S.A.P technology tracks your activity and performance in the course. This helps the platform tailor resources to your strength and weaknesses. Also, the analytics data is also used to create a personalized study plan for you.

Study Materials

The higher packages of the course provides you with quality study materials. With the premier pass package, you get digital textbooks, while the ultimate pass course provides you with print version of the textbook upon request.


On the ultimate pass course package provides you with flashcards. Flashcards are effective in helping candidates remember specific definitions, concepts, lists, etc.

Though, digital flashcards are always better, as you can carry them everywhere on your mobile devices, unlike the print version.

Access Limits

The access limit you get depends on the package you choose. With the basic package, you get 18 months of access, while the Premier Pass and Ultimate pass package gives you unlimited access.


Surgent EA review course is not so great on support. Hence, you must really be a self-motivated self-study enthusiast.

Who is Surgent EA Review Right For?

This is the best course for you if you prefer to self-study. There aren’t many instructor-led video lectures. There is also a 14-days free trial that can help you figure if the course offerings are for you.