Lambers EA Review

Full Guide to Lambers EA Exam Review Course Study Materials

lambers-ea-reviewThe Enrolled Agent exam is not an easy one to crack. If you want to excel in the exam, you need to take a review course. There are numerous review courses out there, and the Lambers EA review course has features and approach that makes it stand out.

Lambers EA review course comes with so many features that are aimed at helping you get better. In the shortest possible time, the course helps you gain the most knowledge.

The Lambers EA review course features impressive technology, which has the primary function of optimizing the products and offerings from Lambers, so as to help you excel in the Enrollment exam. The EA exam is divided into three major parts. The Lambers EA review course adequately addresses the various concepts and topics that the exam addresses.

Lambers has been involved in helping students prepare for exam over the past 20 years. Needless to say, they know what they are doing when it comes to Enrolled Agent exam prep.

Let’s walk through the entire Lambers EA prep course and examine all of the features to see if this is the right course for you.

Course Overview

Lambers is an industry leader. They have helped thousands of students prepare for the EA exam over the past 20 years. The EA review course is one of their many course offerings, and as they are known for, the course is of a very high quality.

The course features video lectures where you have a professor that walks you through the various concepts and topics covered in the EA exam. The professor also works with you on practice questions, so you can feel confident on exam day.

Over the years, the course has been able to hone expertise which is evident in their approach to value delivery.

The design of the Lambers EA review course is to show you exactly where examiners focus on mostly. The course also aims to help you understand trends on the exam and the various topics it cover. Due to the incredible focus on relevant issues, it does away with the irrelevant topics.

Also, the professor works with you through hundreds of practice questions. Hence, you are not only finding answers to the questions, you are also getting detailed explanations on the answers and respective topics.

During the course, you also get to work with real life illustrations, as well as tax reforms and actual exam questions. This gives you a rounded view of the whole career as an Enrollment Agent. Basically, the Lambers EA review course prepares you for life after you pass the exam.

Unique Characteristics

Lambers EA review course is a good one. Though, it’s not necessarily the most advanced course out there. There are several other courses, but Lambers EA review course somewhat stands out with its price offering. The course is divided into small bits. Such that rather than having just three options to choose from, they provide you with a myriad of options that focus on specific offerings.

Firstly, they have video lectures for the EA exam which are divided into three parts, to cater for each part of the EA exam. The Lambers EA part 1 package is sold for $499.95, and the same goes for the part 2 and 3. Hence, if you want to have a full EA review course on your hands, you’ll have to pay a total of $1499.85. This cost is considerably higher considering what we have with other courses.

There is then the option to buy the Test Prep Software as a standalone. For each parts of the EA exam, the corresponding test prep with Lambers costs $199.95. For the three parts, it will cost you about $599.85.

They also have their flashcards for sale. For each part, the flashcards sell for $149.95. The three parts cost a total of $449.85.

Compared to other platform, these course offerings by Lambers is exceptionally high. The only advantage to this split is that you can easily focus on a part, or select just one of the featured resources you are interested in.

Though, there are times when the course offerings are sold on a discount. However, this is not enough, as the overall cost for all the materials is higher than what you pay to get the same value with other courses.

Course Features

Let’s check out some of the most important course features in the Lambers EA exam study guide to see if these are the best EA study materials for you.

User Interface and Course Software

Lamber’s website does not have a great interface. It looks old school, and can certainly do with a lot of upgrades. However, it is functional. You can get things done easily on there. You can easily find what you are looking for.

They also features a test prep software that is focused on helping you take mock exams better. The technology works in a way that guarantees your success when you are done with the resources. Some of the functions of the technology include; pretest mode, adaptive drill mode and the simulated mode. The functions of these three modes of operation differ.

The pretest mode is a diagnostic function where the technology monitors where you currently are at in the course, and the things you need to focus on learning. The adaptive drill mode on the other hand focuses on your weak areas. It helps you double down on the weak areas of your study.

There are in-depth explanations on different questions. In the simulated mode, you get to test yourself like it’s exam day once you are done with the resources provided.

The combination of these three functions work magic for your preparation at the end of the course.

Lecture Videos

The video lectures they provide is anchored by the renowned Eva Rosenberg. Also, the video lectures are divided into parts, to make learning easier. With the videos, you get detailed explanations on topics and concepts covered in the EA exam.

For extra convenience, Lambers make the videos available in different formats. At the end of each chapter, you get to work with a quiz to juggle your memory.

Practice Exams and Questions

There are numerous practice questions and test preps to work with. These questions also get detailed answers you can easily access. You also get further explanation on the topic or concept in question.

Course Analytics and Tracking

The adaptive learning technology Lambers uses collects data on your activity and performance with the course. This is then used to inform the decision of what topics or concepts you need to focus on at the moment.

Study Materials

Lambers gives you a ton of EA study materials. From textbooks to flashcards amongst other things. Though, you’ll need to pay some of these. The resources they feature are prepared by industry experts.


There are flashcards in the course. But you have to purchase them separately. They are also sold in parts. Hence, they are quite costly when you want to get for the three parts. This is more of a disadvantage, as most candidates end up not using the flashcards.

Access Limit

There is no stated access limit for the course. You can work at your own pace.


They are not so efficient when it comes to support. But you can always reach them via mail.

Who is Lambers EA Review Right For?

This is the course for you if you just want in-depth resources on one part of the EA exam.