Gleim EA Review

Comprehensive Overview of Gleim EA Review Course Study Materials

gleim-ea-reviewThe enrolled agent professional can be a tough one, especially when you don’t prepare effectively. For effective preparation, there are several courses out there. One of these is the Gleim EA review course.

Gleim is known in the industry for the quality of resources they deliver to candidates. Over the years, these resources have helped several candidates pass the EA exam in a single try. Hence, if you are looking to take their course, you have made the right choice.

Let’s look at some of the top features of the Gleim Enrolled Agent exam study materials, so you can decide if this review course is right for you.

Course Overview

One thing that stands out for the Gleim EA review course is the number of features they field. They have numerous features that are well thought out, and designed in such a way that they positively impact EA exam students.

When you register for the course, you get a personal counselor that guides you through the study experience. Most review courses don’t have this. With the counselor, you can easily maximize your study period, as you get to prepare with the right materials in the right sequence.

As a student on the Gleim EA review course, you can customize the learning experience. You can mix the various to meet your requirements and needs. You best decide the things you need to know and those that are unnecessary.

The Gleim EA review course also features a massive test bank. This test bank is then supported by the proprietary SmartAdapt technology of the company. The test bank of Gleim is comprehensive and includes actual questions from previous exams. Question banks from many other courses only feature made-up questions.

To support the test bank, the Gleim course comes with unlimited practice quizzes. And when you are rounding up your study of their course, you can take the Exam rehearsal test. The conditions and mode of delivery of the exam makes it seem like the real deal.

Unique Characteristics

Gleim prides its EA exam review course as the most widely used preparation resource for the exam. The platform maintains such a high standard, which is known to attract the best of candidates. They also attract candidates that are after the best materials. Another way they attract candidates is through the free demo that comes with signing up on their platform. This free demo opens the candidates up to the exceptional materials they provide.

The Gleim EA review course sells in three packages. The premium course package is sold for $629.95 and grants you access to one of the largest test bank for any EA review course. You enjoy a personalized learning experience, and you get unlimited access till you pass the exam. The second package from Gleim is sold for $529.95, while the third package sells for $379.85. All of these packages can also be purchased on a monthly basis.

Gleim prides itself in the quality of tutors it employ to take lectures. The tutors are top industry professionals with vast experience. The content they churn out will certainly prepare you for life beyond the EA exam.

Course Features

Let’s check out some of the great features included in the Gleim EA exam review course, so you can see if this study guide fits your learning style.

User interface and course software

One of the many things you’ll first notice once you type in Gleim’s website URL is how fast it loads. This speedy load experience gets you going across the platform. The website in itself has a minimal outlook, which different features and landing pages placed at easily accessible and understandable locations.

Once you sign up, the dashboard of the platform is very intuitive. You can easily find your way around even if it’s your first time on the platform.

The platform also makes use of its SmartAdapt technology that collects data and insights on your usage of the platform, alongside your performance in questions and test. This helps the platform automatically focus on intimating you with topics that you find difficult. This ultimately creates an efficient learning system. You get more done with the course.

The effectiveness of learning with the Gleim EA review course saves you more time, especially if you are already working with a busy schedule.

Lecture Videos

Lecture videos are one of the strong points of Gleim EA review course. They leverage their network in the industry to get a Florida state university professor to create the best explanation videos for topics. Also, they ensure that the videos are divided into bits, to prevent learning from overwhelming you. There are about 450 video to go through during the course.

In the videos they craft, complicated concepts and topics are broken down to the basics. There is technically no concept or topic that will be hard once you go through these videos. And since the videos are bite-sized, you can quickly find answers to whatever questions you have.

Practice exams and Questions

The Gleim EA review course comes with a train of questions. They have one of the largest test bank in the industry. Hence, you’ll certainly be ready for the exam once you master the tenets of answering the questions.

Since there is no limit of access to the course (when you buy the premium package), you can take your time with answering the questions. Answers to the questions are easy to find in the course materials and videos. You can also get quick answers from counselors and the support staff.

Course Analytics and Tracking

With its SmartAdapt technology, Gleim scores a high point in performance tracking. As you go through the course, your performance is monitored, and the data is used to craft a learning roadmap for you. Also, when you are struggling with some concepts, you’ll keep finding retakes of questions that address it.

With the SmartAdapt technology, candidates are noticed to be more motivated and dedicated to improvement. Manually tracking your performance is also possible in the graph section. You see your scores in visual representations.

Everything about the Gleim EA review course system reflects excellent user experience. When it comes to making and tracking progress, no one does it better than Gleim.

Study Materials

The study materials they offer are unlimited. The Gleim platform also allows you to customize your materials and questions. You get to decide how many questions get into your practice exam. Also, the study planner helps manage your learning schedule alongside your daily work schedule.

In the case where you don’t have much study time, you get work more with practice questions that provide you with immediate answers and explanations after each question. When you complete the study section with the questions, you can then progress to Practice exam mode.


The Gleim EA review course does not include flashcards.

Access Limits

The access period you get depends on the package you purchase. The Premium EA review package from Gleim is the only one with unlimited access. Other packages simply offer 12 months of access.


Once you register for the course, you get a personal counselor. They also have support staff that are ready to respond to queries per time. However, getting direct access to the video lecture instructor may be impossible.

But, you’ll most likely get all the information you need from the videos, counselors and support staff.

Who is Gleim EA Review right for?

The Gleim EA review course is perfect for you if you don’t have much time to study. You just have to be ready to pay the money for it.