Fast Forward Academy EA Review

Complete Overview of Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course Study Materials

fast-forward-academy-ea-reviewFinding the perfect Enrolled Agent (EA) review course is not as easy as it seems. However, if there is any course that’s close to perfection, it’s the Fast Forward Academy EA review course. The Fast Forward Academy platform is designed in such a way to help you make better study decisions per time.

From the use of technology, to expert instructor-led videos to carefully curated text materials, this is that course that goes the extra mile to make you better. Fast Forward Academy is passionate about efficiency, and you can see that in the way they present their course. The platform eliminates whatever it deems unnecessary.

The EA exam is a tough one. There are lots of candidates taking the exam per time, and almost all are enrolling for preparatory classes. There are many review courses out there, but in this guide we will explore everything that makes the Fast Forward Academy course arguably one of the best in the industry.

Course Overview

Fast Forward Academy provide reviews on numerous professional courses. Though, their review course offerings focus on certifications in accounting. The underpinning value of the courses they offer is to help candidates get the most, at the least time. The same goes for the Fast Forward Academy EA review course they offer.

The course relies heavily on proprietary software that leverages data to help you focus on the things that really matter. Fast Forward Academy bets big on its software prowess. They design numerous tools that helps candidates learn fast and pass the EA exam. Hence, if you can give time to studying with Fast Forward Academy, you’ll most likely pass the exam, even if you are starting from the very first topic.

With all its courses, Fast Forward academy aims to do things differently. They work hard to make sure they stand out from the competition. While this seems flattering, let’s take a look at the very core of their course offerings.

Unique Characteristics

At the very core of the Fast Forward Academy EA review offering, you get video lectures and practice questions to work with. The course creates practice exams, which are simulations of the real exam. This helps you practice taking the exam to make sure you are ready for the real thing.

The ability to leverage technology to create advanced tools is a major selling point for the academy. Also, they are big on accessibility. With any device, you can access and maximize the course offerings.

Like most other EA review course, you get a trial period, which allows you to get familiar with the course offerings. As regards pricing, there are three pricing options.

There is the EA smart bundle + bootcamp offering. For this, you can also pay $51 every month with affirm. However, if you want to pay once, that will cost you $699. At this price point, you can request print flashcards. There are over hundred instructional videos to work with, as well as the on-demand bookcamp webinars.

You also access unlimited practice exams. The digital flashcards also come very handy with your study. There is also no limit to access you get, while also enjoying the frequent updates that come per time. There are over 3000 study questions for you. This pricing also opens you to academic support, which is a good move. You also get paperback and digital textbooks.

The EA smart bundle costs $649, and the only thing you get with the bundle+ bootcamp that you don’t get here is the on-demand bootcamp webinar. You get the unlimited access, support, practice questions, flashcards, amongst other things.

There is then the EA online course that sells for $549. From all the features Fast Forward academy offers the higher price point, only the on-demand webinars and textbooks are missing here. To take this package, that means you are betting your study solely on the instructional videos.

Course Features

Here are the most important features of the Fast Forward Enrolled Agent exam study guide.

User Interface and Course Software

Fast Forward academy has a great interface, but they can always do better. The interface of the video player is of high quality.

The course also features adaptive learning software on which it premises different tools. These tools have the primary function of making learning efficient.

Lecture Videos

There over 10 hours of video lectures to go through. This video resources combine gracefully with the text materials to deliver the best learning experience you can find in preparation for the EA exam. The video lecture has the primary design that touches on all the important concepts of the exam, in the shortest possible time.

The videos are sort of a talking head video. There is an instructor, and supplementary texts showing on the frames of the video. The texts are sort of like a slideshow.

Practice Exams and Questions

With the Fast Forward Academy EA review course, there are about 3500 practice questions to work with. They also provide you with unlimited practice test questions. They are timed and designed like the actual EA exam.

The practice exam is also totally customizable. You can create an exam for yourself that comprises only of the questions you get wrong. This reiteration helps you understand concepts better. By helping candidates focus on their weak points, learning in the long-run is effective and efficient.

Course Analytics and Tracking

Performance indication is a very important part of learning online these days. With the software underlying the website, you get to see your performance indicators displayed on the dashboard. These details will help you understand your stand points as per strengths and weaknesses.

The metrics the dashboard display are based on the results of practice exams you take. The various metrics you see fall into varying categories; Personal Study data, Community exam data, personal exam data and others.

Study Materials

The course provides you with ample study materials. The textbooks are divided into three subsections. The textbooks amongst other study materials supplement the video lectures.

The eBooks are also designed to help student easily understand complex concepts. Hence, it is the best course for students who have limited time to study. The study materials help you understand everything you need to know in the shortest possible time.


The adaptive learning technology software also works with their digital flashcards. This helps the system customize the flashcards to your needs. The high customizability of these cards is an advantage that candidates appreciate. Students can also mix and match cards to form new decks whenever they want. There are also pre-made decks to work with.

There is now the functionality that allows you to purchase physical flashcards, if you like that. There is a total of 500 flashcards, which costs you $120.

Access Limits

Irrespective of the course package you choose, you get unlimited access to the resources until you pass the exam. This is one of the best things a review course can do for you. It takes away the pressure, and you can always go back to the course anytime.


One thing Fast Forward Academy does well is support. They provide academic support to students on topics and concepts that prove difficult.

Who is Fast Forward Academy EA Right For?

This is the course for self-motivated students. You must be able to take initiative to read and study on your own.