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Covering every subject for every student in PreK-6, plus Fun games and Social learning.


Online Educational Games

We’ve designed iKnowthat.com to make learning fun for schoolchildren from PreK-6. Our online educational games offer engaging, interactive ways for kids to improve their skills in math, language, science and more. The free online math games at iKnowthat align with educational standards. iKnowthat supplements and reinforces lessons from school, while sharpening learning skills with online educational games covering the full range of elementary school topics. Parents and teachers alike will find iKnowthat’s creative models for problem-solving, vocabulary building and free online math games get kids excited about learning.

Free Kids Online Games

The free kids online games at iKnowthat.com are designed to help budding minds develop in fun, interactive ways. Our online games for girls and boys tackle math, language, science, social studies, the arts and more. With thinking games and social learning tools, children from PreK-6 will enjoy playing while developing key skills for early education. Our free online games for girls and boys use age-appropriate graphics and animations that ensure hours of enjoyment. The free kids online games at iKnowthat will develop vital thinking skills for children, giving them encouragement as they progress through the levels of Word Carnival or Leon’s Math Dojo.

Multiplayer Online Games

At iKnowthat.com, our multiplayer online games give kids the chance to play against one another online. These multiplayer online games help kids develop their math and language skills in friendly competition. In multiplayer online games like Leon’s Math Smog Busters, kids learn to add and count, while working together to help Super Agent Leon the Chameleon defend the planet.